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Anna Silk--Ksenia Solo--Zoie Palmer

Kris Holden-Ried--Rick Howland

KC Collins--Paul Amos

Emmanuelle Vaugier--Rachel Skarsten







Doccubus --Byson--Denzi--Kale--Levony

Benzi--Team Pervert--Valkubus

(Because this blog was created after season 2 already ended, ship names are only added after both characters have been on the show for more than TWO seasons.)






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Anonymous Asked:
Can you make a gifset of when Kenzi asked Trick for some alcohol. I think she says "hey t-bag" first, then "t-dog," and ends with "please sir, may I have some beverage?" Pls and thanks!

Hi, here is a gif set I created a year ago: http://fyeahlostgirl.tumblr.com/post/44172235755 :)

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HuffingtonPost: ‘Lost Girl’ Season 5 Premiere Preview: Big Surprises Coming For Fans

It’s a rainy April day at Toronto’s legendary Fairmont Royal York Hotel, and filming of “Lost Girl" Season 5 has taken over the main ballroom. The cast and crew are all here shooting the premiere episode of Season 5, and it looks like it’s going to be a doozy. The premiere will be a two-parter, consisting of two hour-long episodes.

"Oh s**t, you’re a succubus!" someone says to Bo.

"Lost Girl" is prepping for something big here — the Royal York ballroom is filled with dry ice vapours, and it sometimes has the feel of a Halloween party. But this is no party; it’s being billed as a "big event," but the powers-that-be won’t let me reveal what’s really going on here.

Vanessa Piazza, executive producer of “Lost Girl,” stokes the flames of curiosity. “We pulled out all the stops in Season 4, and did a few unexpected things,” she said. “We saw Hale’s death, Kenzi’s sacrifice. Those are bold moves to make. Sometimes in television, you have to make those bold moves.”

"There’s a real freshness to Season 5," she continues. "We’re really opening up the ‘Lost Girl’ world this year. We get to do so much in these two episodes. It’s action-packed and our whole gang gets to be involved. They’re all part of this premiere. The group is all back together again. A big theme this season is ‘family,’ and these are all Bo’s family. We’ve seen some of them get torn apart, but now’s their chance to come together."

Michael Grassi, the current showrunner for “Lost Girl,” also offers a little hint. “I think this premiere has a lot of surprises. A lot of doors open,” he said. “But others close. It sends Bo in a new direction. That’s all I can say.”

And then Anna Silk — looking nothing short of spectacular in her all-black hardcore best (thigh-high boots, natch) — just pours gasoline on the fire. “We left off with so many cliffhangers, the loss of Hale, Rainer and Kenzi,” she said. “The Season 5 premiere is definitely going to deal with [that loss]. This two-part premiere is really exciting. Bo was taken in different directions last year, and she wasn’t herself a lot of the time, and now she’s very clear-headed about her loss. She’s determined.”


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ATTENTION LOST GIRL FANS: Breaking news about Charisma Carpenter on Lost Girl


I was at fan expo in Vancouver and met Eliza Dushku and Charisma Carpenter. Charisma told me that it didn’t work out with Lost girl. So there you go. On the fangirling side, I was freaking out. I mean they looked at me and I just melted. They are both so  pretty

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Anonymous Asked:
Do you know when that Freedom to Love necklace might be coming out? My girlfriend pre-ordered it for me, but that was weeks ago. I was just wondering i anyone knew.

I’m assuming you are talking about the second time the necklaces were available again - pre-order? That only started on Apr. 11. The site says the necklace will ship between 3-4 weeks. It seems you will need to wait another couple of weeks, more or less. :(

If you’re talking about the first time the necklaces were available and were sold out three hours later, that I’m not sure of. I’ve already read people receiving them.

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She is wearing the necklace.

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Anonymous Asked:
i'm not trying to be rude, but i feel like there's no delicate way to ask this. why do you keep spelling isabeau with a 'y'? i mean, you wouldn't spell kenzi like 'kenzie' or 'kensi' so i guess i'm just wondering why you wouldn't spell isabeau like the show does.

Ysabeau is Bo. Isabeau is Trick’s wife.

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Looks like Ksenia was on set yesterday…